Welcome to my Dutch Voice Over site!

If you need a professional Dutch voice with experience, integrity and a warm and natural sounding voice you’re in the right place.

The human voice is one of the most amazing instruments that we have. You can sense someone’s personality, attitude and mood and all within the tone of their voice…just think when you hear voices in commercials, on the radio, on television or even on the phone.
So if you’re looking for someone with a unique and special voice, to match your exact requirements, your product, TV channel or brand and that appeals to your clients...

…then I hope you’ll find Dutch Voice Over a place full of fresh ideas & sounds – to ensure you stand out from the crowd.



"Saskia is far more than just a great voice-over artist. She is multi-talented and is an experienced,
intelligent and tenacious producer and organiser as well."

Richard Morgan, Head of On-Air,

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